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We are liberated together.

Who We Are

When people support one another, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish. Wii Otem Community is an alternative safe space for community organizers, social justice activists, independent and/or collective learners, peace builders, progressive and sustainable development organizations, and human rights advocates.

We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving our national partners, and neighbors in Lira. Wii Otem is not only inspired by the grassroots tradition of the Lango people of Northern Uganda but also by the Worldwide Free Skool network, which believes education should be free. Every human should be able to access education, and enjoy it as both a teacher and a student.

What We Do

Our doors are always open, and we’re always happy to talk about our programs and services, including, free reliable internet access, training and working space, affordable accommodation (Hostel/Guest House) and a restaurant, and free access to a library which has books and films of all genres.

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